He has brought numerous projects to a successful completion utilizing insightful analytical skills, a sound understanding of

economic cycles, market trends, and financial competence to produce above average investment returns for project principals and

partners. He is recognized by colleagues for his integrity, professionalism, and a creative ability to be a problem solver. Some areas of his expertise include

Team Building and Leadership, Strategic Planning, Budget Development and Management, Contract Negotiations, Financial Managements, Start-up Organization Management, and Cost Management. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Administration and Management.

       Michael Galvan is an accomplished investor with outstanding skills in the areas of administration, organization, management, problem solving, and communication. He is a proven leader who always looks for the best possible outcomes and solutions. He is a licensed real estate professional with extensive experience in investment, project management, construction management, property management, negotiations, and deal making. He uses a proactive mindset in conjunction with a participative management style and excellent interpersonal skills to produce extraordinatry results for business partners and associates.

Michael Galvan

Managing partner

A solution for a better future

       Gally Development Company has been operating in the Chicagoland area since 1999 and is a real estate investment and management company that is innovative and solution focused. The company's Managing Partner, Michael Galvan, works the day to day operations. The company has forged strategic partnerships within the industry which has enabled it to produce above average results and returns for its past projects. These partnerships have enabled Gally Development to be on the leading edge of the real estate industry and have provided the company with access to the latest and most relevant information and knowledge across the real estate spectrum. The company is poised to take advantage of the best and most lucrative investment opportunities in the real estate industry.

       GDC Investments is a private equity group that invests in real estate. The group's main purpose is to provide an investment vehicle that gives access to investors at all levels so that they may participate in larger, more profitable real estate investments. GDC Investments will target real estate assets that have above average returns (10% +) on investment (ROI). The investment strategy seeks to provide long term cash flow as well as asset appreciation.

       The investment strategy also seeks to minimize risk while adding value to the investment utilizing market expertise, facilities improvements, systems, and best management practices.