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What's your Excuse

Posted by Michael Galvan on March 20, 2013

      A few years ago I was at an exciting but challenging cross road in my life.  I was on the edge of a personal and financial breakthrough.  It was my self-determination, in the preceding couple of years, that had brought me to this point and then circumstances began to change.  The stock market crashed, the economy went into recession, the housing market bubble popped and the political landscape began to change.  Suddenly my self-determination began to waiver and the circumstances that surrounded me began to take on an overwhelming authority in my life.  In hindsight, I personally endowed the circumstances with such authority and in the process I surrendered my self-determination at the Altar of Excuse.   Excuse is that pain killing "drug" that my sub-conscious mind needed to soothe the emotional pain and frustrations as I walked away from a dream that I was on the brink of accomplishing.  Excuse is addicting.  I was officially, in my mind, a victim of circumstance.  In the words of George Bernard Shaw " People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.  I don't believe in circumstances.  The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them!"

       In my opinion the excuse of circumstance is most prevalent in the world of wealth building.  It is probable that your sub-conscious blueprint has told you that circumstances are beyond your control and therefore you are not responsible for their dream killing effect.  Excuses allow you to shift responsibility for your financial goals.  You can now say circumstances are responsible.  Circumstance will act upon us in such an insidious way that we, as a result, do not act.  We stay mired in the nefarious flow of the "status quo" which causes us to abandon our right and power of choice. It allows us to abandon our purpose and exchange for the role of victim.

       Consider that circumstances are neutral and that our attitude towards them is what makes them negative or positive.  Don't let your attitude become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  It is time to regain control, exercise your right and power of choice, clear your mind of excuses and shed the role of victim.  Be a problem solver, a solution creator, an innovator, an improvement specialist and nothing will stop you from achieving great things. 

False Expectations Appearing Real

Posted by Michael Galvan on April 22, 2013

      One week ago today, the bombings occurred at the Boston Marathon. I watched a lot of the news coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing and the manhunt afterward. I rarely watch the news because it is depressing. 
My prayers go out to everyone in that horrific event last week. The individuals and families of those who were killed or injured most importantly, but also for what was stolen from every runner and athlete.

       My understanding is that the Boston Marathon is the closest thing to the Olympics most average athletes can get. If you work hard enough and train well you CAN qualify for the Boston Marathon.  It's an amazing accomplishment and one that spectators can be a part of. Watching the footage right before the bombing you can almost touch, feel, sense the elation of the runners and the spectators and then its all taken away.  Many of the men and women who were racing last week were fulfilling a life's dream... to run (and complete) the Boston Marathon.  But that dream was stolen -- or marred -- to forever hold an asterisk of "The year of the bombing." In it's place fear, confusion and doubt. 
       I know people have been and will be worrying and speculating about the safety of upcoming public events. Will they be safe? Are we safe anywhere?  Fear is the ultimate negative emotion. It's been defined as False Expectations Appearing Real.  Fear destroys our faith. It steals ourconfidence. And it forces us into a position of reaction instead of action. A position that has no power, no light.  Whether it's fear of terrorism, or fear of failure, or fear of success, Fear keeps us in a place that is out of our control and not worthy of our time.  If the events of last week make you fearful,  turn it on its head and let it serve you instead.  Hug those you love a little tighter and a little longer. Continue to pursue the things that matter to you. Live and Love life rather than shrink from it. You are stronger than you think and more resilient than you can ever dream.

       Take control and eliminate the dream thieves from your life because worrying about what MIGHT BE, takes you away from WHAT IS, and keeps you from your true potential and your possibilities.  

Finding the Money!

Posted by Michael Galvan on June 27, 2013

       Without a doubt money is never the problem when it comes to funding your next great business venture or real estate deal or your invention that is poised to change the world.  The greatest obstacle to funding your next venture is your thoughts.  In the words of one of my mentors, Robert Kiyosaki, "there is no greater obstacle than a thought."  If you THINK about it you will see that  I am on to something here.  When I understood this concept it enabled me to purchase a million dollar property with $40.  One of the key aspects of this concept is credibility. I mean credibility as a person, as an investment or as a life changer.  Knowledge will go a long way in helping you establish credibility in these areas.  With my million dollar purchase using $40 I employed credibility and knowledge as forms of money, which they are, to accomplish my goal.  Anyone can do the same as long as they have established their credibility and they understand and deal with their internal conversations (thoughts).  So with this in mind don't bother finding the money but rather find a great deal or investment.  Then use your credibility to share the deal and the money will come with relative ease.  So go out and "find the money".  Start small if needed but make sure you start.       

Change your view and your success will skyrocket!

Posted by Michael Galvan on December 9, 2013

       Here I am sitting at my desk in my new home office looking out to the west as the sun begins to make it's way down.  I see a beautiful fishing pond, a tree filled lot, beautiful homes, an amazing neighborhood and I have a great sense of peace deep within and I know that I am a success.  This view out my office window has simply served to remind me of God's blessings and goodness and that is a huge part of my success.  I mentioned that this is a NEW office because in my old office my desk was stuck in a corner facing two walls and a big pile of "stuff" that I needed to tend to.  The stuff is still here its just that I don't notice it as much because I have changed my view and therefore my perspective and that makes all the difference.  I want to share the story of Alexander the Great and the Great Gordian Knot.

       While attempting to fulfill his dream of world conquest, Alexander found himself in the city of Gordium, the gateway to Asia.  In the city center were two gigantic ropes tied together to form an exceptionally complex knot known as the Great Gordian Knot.  It was a symbol of the impenetrability of the Asian continent.  Inscribed on a nearby tablet of gold was the saying "Whosoever untieth this knot, and altogether breaketh the bonds thereof, the same shall become the ruler of all Asia."  

       Many would be conquerors had tried and failed to untie the knot and subsequently failed to conquer Asia.  The people came to believe that the knot had mystical powers and that it protected them from foreign invaders.  Alexander was fascinated by the Knot and he was determined to succeed.  He struggled for days to untie the knot but to no avail.  He attempted to find the ends of the ropes but was unable.  Each of his unsuccessful attempts seemed to tighten the knot even more.  Never willing to accept defeat Alexander changed his view of problem.

       Early the next morning Alexander confidently strode to the great knot and studied it intensely. Then, turning as if to walk away, he suddenly and quickly drew his sword, wheeled around and with one enormous blow , he sliced the Knot in half.  The bonds of the Great Gordian Knot were broken, Alexander the Great went on to conquer Asia.

       Your view on various issues will determine whether your progress or stagnate.  Looking at things differently can unlock your creativity and that creativity can provide solutions.  Your view will empower creativity and your attitude determines the scope of your view.

       A wise man once said "It's only the view from where you sit that makes you fear defeat, but life is full of many aisles, so why don't you change your seat?"  

Can you see the end at the beginning?

Posted by Michael Galvan on March 26, 2014

       I wonder how many of us give up on a dream or pursuit of a worthwhile cause due to adverse or difficult circumstances.  Seemingly unending frustrations or discouraging results as we work toward that dream can temporarily defeat the most determined dreamer.  This reminds me of a great story about Florence Chadwick.  She was the first woman to swim the English Channel.  She spent years of training and disciplined her body to keep going long after it needed rest.  Doubt crept in as she stood on the French coast about to embark on the monumental task.  She wondered if her physical training would be enough and initially her assault on the channel went well but as she neared the coast of England, rough waters, heavy fog and cold began to impede her progress.  She pushed on for several more miles but became completely exhausted and quit swimming not realizing that she had only a few hundred yards to go.  Heartbroken, she agonized over her failure and wondered why. Then it dawned on her that the fog had stolen her victory.  Addressing reporters she said "I'm not offering excuses, but I think I would have made it if I had been able to see my goal."

       She resumed her training for another attempt but this time she focused on her mental conditioning as well as her physical training.  She developed a mental image of the English coastline and memorized it's features.  She began her second attempt and again she was challenged with rough waters, fog and cold but this time she prevailed.  When asked what the difference was this time she responded "I never lost sight of my destination.  It was in my mind the whole way across.  I could see the end at the beginning."

       Focus and a view of the end from the beginning are vital elements of success in any endeavor.  Successful wealth building is not just a product of knowledge and strategy.  Unless your ever increasing financial/business knowledge is charged by the passion of purpose, it will most likely not produce the results you seek.  In the book No More Dreaded Mondays by Dan Miller he identifies, as one of the 5 predictors of success, as Passion.  Passion will set you on the path to clearly define your goals.  Then you can visualize the achievement of your goal.  Create a clear mental picture of it.  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  Implant your goals clearly and firmly in your mind and turn your dreams into reality!